Post #13 – What Shall be Your Legacy?

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My bestfriend Najelaa and I text each other almost everyday. Sometimes we talk about useless things like the weather. Sometimes we talk about how much love is needed in the world. Sometimes we talk about really serious stuff like our values, our idealism, our superhero syndrome kinda thing.


Elaa and I have something in common, we are mad about education. She has the big picture. I carry with every breath I take, the idea of financial education for all. Our last text was about legacy.


We both hit big 4-0 last year.

I did not expect it to be so wild. I thought turning 40 would mean fear of becoming old. Apparently turning 40 makes me think of 1001 things I want to do for the rest of my life – and I am running out time. Elaa and I share the same thought. Turning 40 pushed us into doing bold stuff.


I did my marathon.

I joined a stand up comedy gig.

What’s next?


A project comes close to my heart is financial education for the under privilige. I call it Quamma Project. It has been happening for sometimes. We have been running financial classes for migrant workers oversears. We also had a class especially set up for domestic workers in Jakarta. Recently Quamma Project joins Pesta Pendidikan and Temu Pendidik Nasional to open classes for teachers. We aim for the teachers to have interest in developing financial literacy programs at schools – embedded within school activities. We call this mega project Menjadi Jagoan Finansial.


The more I talk about it, the more I realise this is too big of a project for me to work on alone. I need other people to support the issue. I need collaboration. We need to come hand in hand with schools, teachers, students, parents and generate more interest to the cause.


So much going through my mind.

This shall me my legacy.

What do you have in mind as your legacy?

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