#tiajkt2017 5 Ways We Can All Learn From the Start Ups at Tech In Asia Jakarta 2017 – Post #86

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There are so many things we can learn from start ups and the digital world.

The world is changing and the digital world is at the epicentrum of that change.  As a business owner, are you ready to embrace so much change that is happening around you?


Don’t be the dinosaur in the room. Join them. Even if your business is not tech base, you should be learning from these guys! Check out some points I discover from start ups I encountered at Tech in Asia Jakarta.


Becoming the dot connector

Just like AirBnB, Agoda, Traveloka, Uber and Gojek – one of the strongest opportunity the digital world has to offer is providing a platform that connects people. What else do people need to be connected on a platform? Jejuru is  a start up that offers training information. Jejuru not only connects people with training institutions, it also allows companies to manage training for their employees.


Join an incubator or competition

Admit it, you cannot learn everything in such short period of time. Meanwhile time is essential for a start up to develop. Joining an incubator or competition can give you access to funds, knowledge or even media coverage. At the Bootstrap Alley, a list of start ups were brought in by Mandiri Capital FinInspire. One of them is an interesting start up called CelenganID. CelenganID converts coins into e-money and educate public about cashless society.



Don’t be afraid of the big (or small) players

Being startup – especially being fintech, you’re most likely be called a distruption to the conventional financial industry. So are you a competitor that will hurt the big players? You don’t have to be. PasarPolis.com is one of the fintech players that choose to work together with big banks. Users can plug in their request on PasarPolis.com and receive the best rates for insurance. PasarPolis.com them teamed up with banks and refer their users to the banks when purchasing insurance. This way, the key is no longer distruption but rather collaboration.


Exploring Social Media and AI

There is more to social media than fun pictures of our holidays. Combined with Artificial intelligent, you can create social media as a power tool to educate the market, refer them to products and allowing brands to connect with your users. This is the magic inside FinStreet – start up from Thailand that uses Facebook Messengers and Chatbot technology. You can hook up with FinStreet and ask financial questions with them. When needed, FinStreet chatbot can provide you with tips on how to pay off your credit card debt or how to choose a mortgage.



Borderless market

Obviously the digital world offers market beyond our nations borders. It also means the opportunity to work on the market that is not your home base. Take an example with Idospa. It is founded in Singapore where Spa is not a really big thing. However they started their operation in Malaysia and connected more than 1.000 spa operators before its launch. Now Idospa is expanding in Indonesia and Thailand where the spa market is really happening, they are aiming for more than 2.500 spa operators to join their network.


There you go. If you think your sky is the limit, think again.


The digital world is available to allow you to explore beyond conventional measures. How ready are you to join the borderless world? Your business may be the vehicle for you to become a citizen of the world.


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