Post #9 – The Day We Forgot About Our Anniversary

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Post No. 9 in the #writingchallenge.


A long time ago, a boy asked me out and took me to a movie.

It was our first date. We went to see not exactly the most romantic move available. We saw Phenomenon – a story about … I don’t remember what it was about! Hah!

I remember what he was wearing that day. I remember his smile. Same smile I carry everyday now.


Fast forward 21 years later.

On our anniversary to the first date, we BOTH forgot about it!!!


Is romance dead when you spend too much time together?

I’d like to think not.

The truth is we never consider each other as the romantic couple of the year.

We have our own hashtag #gagalromantis.

We’d rather go on comedy when it comes to maintaining our relationship.


21 years together does not kill the romance – mainly because we do not own romance. There has been eventful dates which can fall into the category of romance.


One Valentine’s day, he showed up at my door carrying flowers and tickets to Shakespear’s at the Park : MidSummer Night’s Dream. That was an awesome day. We cooked our meal, bought cheap non alcoholic wine and sat at the park with other couples. The play was fabulous. The setting was in the middle of Kings Park.


Another date we went on was to a French Pizzaria in the middle of Fremantle. We had to take the train and walked a bit to search the place. I remember we dressed up for the occassion. The place was so unique. I took French classes and my teacher recommeded the place.


The most recent romantic date we had was from last year.

We went to the National Gallery! Same as this  year, last year the National Gallery hosted an exhibition to Presidential collection. We had so much fun. We had lunch at Menteng area, took the train and bajaj. We went to the Metropole. Everything a girl could ask for in a cheapo easy to digest romantic date.


We couldn’t post anything from this year, so just let me just post our anniversary date photo – from last year!


This is ofcourse a late post. I was away for work. I called him twice yesterday but we spoke about the kids not about our relationship. We only met the next day to congratulate each other with the warmest love possible. Happy anniv Beb. You know I love you :p

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