Post #4 – The Daily Post is a Warm Up!

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Post No 4 of the #writingchallenge.

Let’s see. What have I done?

I am slowly allowing myself to write a fiction piece, a script for Financial Clinic Podcast, first book from the series of a #KidsNMoney topic. All these right after the compulsory 300-word-daily-post. Not bad eh?


So I am treating this daily post like it’s sacred.

I am writing in English – for now.

I don’t worry about tags, keywords or SEO.

I don’t even worry about people reading it.

This daily post is MINE!


Let’s just say the daily post is like warming up before a run.

Back in 2003, I signed up for my first 10K with MILO. I was assigned a coach and my training began.


Before I learned how to run, I needed to learn how to warm up.

But before the stretching part, I was taught to run a bit, then a set of stretching moves.


A warm up before my 5 K today – photo by @mrshananto.


When you follow a runner’s social media post – most likely you’ll see their after run posts. All the glows after finishing a certain route. The fancy medal after a race. It is unlikely for us to see the most important part – the warm up! Without a warm up, your race does not exist. A warm up helps you prepare your muscle. Failure to warm up may increase muscle spasm, cramps or a list of sport injuries.


Without my warm up routine, I cannot finish any of my 5K, my 10K, my Half Marathon and my 6 hours 42K Full Marathon!


That’s what i am treating this daily blog post.

This is a warm up. I need this more than the other posts.

This is where I prepare my ‘writing muscles’.

This is where I clear up my brain so I can write better.

This part is sacred.


This is a #writingchallenge with myself. It’s a minimum 300 words post on anything.

I got the idea from an article. Look it up in the first post.

If you do decide to join me, let me know in my Twitter / IG @mrshananto.

And tell me how it helps change your life too!



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