Post #5 – Sometimes, I Just Don’t Multitask – In the Name of Sanity

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Post no. 5 from the #writingchallenge.


I’ve got 682 things to do today.

With so little time and a lot of much needed day dreaming in between.


I’m trying a trick today.

Instead of multitasking several things at once, I dedicate a day for something.

Today I dedicate my day for 1 specific project. I did not work on any contents today. I focus on this one project. I spent the morning taking and dropping the youngest one to school. She’s so happy. I managed to catch up with a mentor I look up to. Then I spent the entire afternoon working on his key points to my presentation.


So there you go.

I managed NOT to do 681 things in my to do list. However, I got to do 1 project well!

It feels really good.


I wish I can tell you more about this project.

But I cannot tell more when it’s at infancy. The problem with this project is I move too slow.

So I am making it a priority. I don’t know how to manage that by setting aside everything else I do. It seems impossible. But if I don’t move fast, I may not be able to catch on the wagon.

Another thing I can do it assigning my team to work on the 681 things I should be doing. Let’s see if that works out or not.


Shooting vlog with the team at the office – photo @mrshananto


Anyway for the next week, I’ll be away to Bengkulu.

A trip I am looking forward to. I’ll have lots of time for running and writing. Hopefully also enough time to work on the special project.


What’s in Bengkulu?

I am thinking Soekarno Museum, pempek and duren.


Whatever you do.

Please take care of your mind and soul. It’s really important to keep yourself together. Making sure your reality is checked. Do not fall into halusination of your social media imagery.


What that in mind.

I wish you all a great weekend!



PS: Already I am thinking of another 321 things to do for the weekend. I should stop! I am just going kick back and read a book. Wait, those things I’m supposed to finish – what am I gonna do with them? No, I’m going to stop. Sometimes I just don’t multitask. In the name of sanity.


PPS: It’s gonna be another delayed post because the internet connection is killing me!

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