Post #14 – Talking to Myself About Forgiveness

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I have been writing dilligently. Not everyday. Sometimes 2 posts in a day to cover the missing days. The last 10 posts ended up as late posts. Stuck in my computer. Didn’t make it to world wide web. So I admit it’s not easy to be consistent with the whole writing challenge.


Where did I go wrong?

I found the writing part to be easy. However the whole process does not stop there. After writing the diary, I need to find the photo to support it. Then I need to find time to post it. This will depend on the internet connection. Sometimes it’s good to go. Sometimes it seems to sabotage you in every possible way.


Isn’t life liket that?

Contrary to popular believe, I am not a very strict person. When I PLAN, I allow A LOT of deviation to happen. Just flow with it!

So for those of you who think planning your life is boring, well it’s not. It’s merely putting you to a direction and then you just look at how life leads you! Sometimes you stick with it. Sometimes you deviate. Sometimes you drop everything completely and start from square one.


I find this process to be important to keep my mind sane. When you PLAN, you tend to have too much expectations. Lower them down! You cannot control EVERYTHING. There are few things you can do and maintain. However, you need to learn how to let go.


I often talk about this at my financial trainings.

A PLAN is like setting out a railway. You are set to go. However as you go along the rail, maybe you realise that there is a better route. You either change at the next station. Or if you have the power, you can move the railway the other way around.



Take a leap.

Be forgiving to yourself.

Yes. I am talking to myself.

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