Post #1 – Let’s go back into WRITING!

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Post #1


I am on a mission.
You see I am a master of procastination.
I always have a list of things to do… and end up not doing it.
My creative process needs freedom – or so I say.
In the end the result is zero. I am a woman with great ideas and often, lousy execution.

I love writing!

Therefore, I am making it a thing to write a minimum 300 words per day.
Now what is the connection between writing 300 words per day and getting myself to focus on finishing my tasks?

I saw this article about a writer who writes 1.000 words per day for 4 years in a row. It changed his life. It is not about the writing alone. It is also about the discipline.


Remember your childhood?
The boring part which you parents forced you into doing something?
I had piano lesson, traditional Balinese lesson, and mengaji (citation of the Qur’an) for at least 7 years non stop. I am today not a Balinese lesson, have not been able to recite much of the holy book and worst of all I play not a single tune on the piano. But what did I learn? The discipline. I am a person who is capable of doing something I don’t always like and stick with it with persistance. It’s about not giving up.

Now as an adult, I know exactly the importance of perseverance. Throughout my career and developing my business, I have not had the option to quit. How do I stay sane while I continue with the turbulent rollercoaster? Lots of holiday is one. But the other one is perseverance.


Interestingly enough, this perseverance needs to be practised again and again. I found my new training ground in running.

Here’s a link to my running experience – The Tokyo Marathon 2017.
With running, I realised it’s not a one show and celebrate. It’s getting on to the next post and it’s never ending! Most first time marathoners will agree with me that getting to 30th kilometer is like hitting a wall. But guess what? You keep going!

Running daily is like writing daily.

Even after the marathon is over, you know you need to keep going back to running. Otherwise you’ll lose your tempo, your stamina and your perseverance.


So here we go. Another training ground the form of writing.
Different from piano – mengaji – Balinese dance lessons of which I was forced to do, running and writing are two important activities I enjoy doing. To train myself in perseverance by doing something I love! What can be better than that?

Here’s the link to the inspiring article: 3.000 Words Every Single Day.


I hope I really get the hang of doing this day in day out.
Moreover, I am asking you to join me.

This is Post #1.

Let’s see how long this will last.


Let’s go back into writing!

(Yeah later! I’ll post this when the internet connection is better. Ehem. #thirdworldproblem)

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