Post #6 – About Being Grateful

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Post No. 6 in the #writingchallenge .


Do you do reflection?

Asking yourself intriguing questions. Surprise yourself with the answers. I do that sometimes. Now I think the blog helps me to clarify the questions.


Here is one of the most powerful questions I love.

“What are 3 things you are grateful about?”


To my surprise, my answer is not edgy at all.

My answer to this question is so so.

My answer is classic.


Here is my answer.

I am grateful for good health, a loving man and a home to go to.


About Being Grateful – photo by Nadira


Recently a family member fell ill. It shook our family deeply. We were not prepared to see the dramatic change. Illness sometimes just comes barging in without warning. So I am grateful for being healthy, for being able to sleep at night, eat well and exercise more.


I am grateful for the man I am spending my life with.

It’s not meant to be easy. But it has been kinda easy. There is no unnecessary drama. If we need to talk about something we talk about it. If we need to go away, we go away. If we need to argue, we argue. He does not hold anything against me. He talks things over and end it so we can move on. I have short term memory anyway. So we do argue and fight. I just cannot remember it haha.


This home we have, we do not get it easy. It is not delivered on a silver platter. Noone bought it for us. We are still paying for the mortgage. Everyday I think about it, I am grateful we can continue with work and put a roof over our head.


But things are things.

People are more important than things.

So one day we may move away from this house we call home. Again.

We may have to live somewhere smaller and simpler. I don’t know.

It’s actually not the house. It’s the home.


Asking the question about being grateful should be easy.

The answers too come in easy. But it leaves a huge mark. It’s not things that keep me happy. It’s the people and how I can spend time with them.



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