Post #11 – About Being Bold and Honest: #DebtVSDietChallenge

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I have this friend from good old days in Perth.

Her most important trait is persistency. She is the kind who builds one on one relationship with her friends. This way, everyone feels special connection with her.


Her name is Novy.

She is a housewife. A sport crazy.

She is persistent about taking me to the gym! Haha!


Today, Novy has successfully dragged me back to the gym. We go to Ways To Fit in Pondok Indah and Carport Jl. Benda Kemang. Novy has been asking me DAILY on my whereabout. She asked which city I am in – currently I am scheduled for a roadshow to 8 cities with BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif – National Creative Economy Agency) performing trainings. She asked me when I would arrive back. She asked me what time my meetings finished. Seriously. She is persistent!


Here I am at the gym again, after successfully running in Bengkulu for 2 days in a row. The trip to the gym is kinda special. I enjoy it so much. I am not thinking too much. I am not counting. I am just moving. Let today be a special day.


An idea hits me today.

I ran this challenge a long time ago. I always failed it in the past. I am determined to make it through this time. The challenge is called #debtVSdietchallenge.


I am asking people to tag me posts on their quest to healthy financial conditions. It can be how they manage money. It can be how they manage to pay off their debts. You name it.


In return, I will be posting daily – my quest to get fit. It can be my workout. It can be my diet and new eating habit.


I promise to be bold.

So here I am posting my fat look. No mercy!

I was at 57kg for my Tokyo Marathon. Super fit head to toe. I let it slipped away. I am a slacker to the bones. Today I am 65kg (again). That tummy in the picture exists because I am an emotional eater. Let’s be honest about our problems and then we can find the solution.


Are you bold enough to acknowledge your financial problem?

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