Post #12 – A Day For The Little One

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I decided to work.

This is the life I have chosen.

Nope. The guilt of being a working mom does not go away.


With Mas and Kakak, I was a stay home mom. Then I worked part time. So I was at home a lot. With Ade, things are a little bit different. When I can, I can be at home all day. But this week for example, I was in Bengkulu from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday, naturally my day filled out quickly with meetings. Friday, I took a day off.


Ade is a surprise baby. She has heard this story so many times. We were not prepared for a 3rd child. We were comfortable having a son and a daughter. We were financially secured. When Ade came into our lives we were caught completely off guard.


She is however becoming the one person who keeps my life interesting.

I always feel much younger when she is around.

She knows how to keep everyone laughing.

She has the best fashion sense.

Naturally the surprise baby is an attention seeker.


I used to take Mondays off. Nowadays I take Fridays off.

Most Fridays I will take the kids to school. I still enjoy walking the little one to her class – while she does not object to it. Ofcourse the much older siblings who are teenagers freak out at the idea of Mamah going to their school, walking to their classes.

I will then go swimming or meet the other moms or just sit at a cafe writing. I will then go back to school to pick her up. Her eyes light up when she sees me at the car window. She will demand surprises whether it’s a cake or ayam pop or nasi goreng. She will tell me all the details of what’s happening at school. She will then fall asleep next to me.

That’s my Friday with the little one. Something I shall keep at the corner of my heart forever. Hope you enjoy this memory too Demi.



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